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Argolida - accommodation - attractions

Argolida - accommodation - attractions

Argolida has a rich cultural tradition and is regarded as one of the most accomplished and summer tourist destinations in Greece. It can become an ideal destination for guests seeking a unique vacation experience.

Argolida is surrounded by many interesting towns and villages, some of which are known Nafplio (old capital of Greece), Tolo (village with ideal conditions for family vacations), Ancient Epidaurus is renowned for its ancient theater and the archaeological finds, Mycenae (no recommendation) and after a plethora of options for accommodation in Argolida and entertainment reach the stunning Porto Heli, Kranidi, Hermione and other villages and beaches of eastern Argolis where visitors can explore the unique charm to landscapes, to taste products Argolid land and enjoy the Greek hospitality in a place with great tradition.

Argolida has a large number of valuable green flag beaches such as Porto Heli, Epidaurus, Hermione, Tolo, the Valley and many other beaches that allow you to discover.

The famous Festival of Epidaurus is known around the world and attracts intellectual level visitors who come to enjoy the unique cultural performances, theater and activities tied to the history of the region of Argolis and Epidaurus.

Visitors in 2012 will reach for their holidays in the Argolid, is able to admire the beauty of nature and landscape and sightseeing, archaeological sites and the rare beauty of nature and beaches in the Argolid.

You will never be bored on your tours in the Argolid.

The castles of Nafplio, New Epidaurus, Hermione, and churches and monasteries of the Byzantine period, which survive in many places of the county, and the monuments and museums that have exhibits you will find the ancient and modern Greek history.

The alternative tourism, agro-tourism, religious tourism, sports tourism, cultural tourism and environmental tourism is kind of tourism that will fulfill the Argolid and be amazed by the choice and rare custom and simplicity of the inhabitants.

The prefecture of Argolida, a short distance from Athens and having a well-developed road network can therefore be described as an ideal destination for residents of Athens, offering several options to visitors throughout the year, and is undoubtedly one mythical place, a brighter place, a magical place for your holiday in the Peloponnese and Greece!

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Tolo is one of the most famous summer destinations in Argolid in Peloponnese. The fishing village of Tolo is formed on the homonymous gulf on the beach in Tolo, which has many hotels, rooms, apartments, studios for families, hotels with swimming pool in Tolo, restaurants, coffee bars for dining and entertainment. Prices of hotels in Tolo are affordable, low and there are many deals and offers for Tolo accommodation. Communicate directly with hotels and accommodations in Tolo Argolida to get the best prices and vacation offers in Tolo Argolida.

Hotels in Tolo, rooms and apartments in Tolo, accommodation in Tolo. cheap, low room rates in Tolo unforgettable holidays in Tolo Peloponnese.

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