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Adamas, Milos Island, P.C. 84801, Greece
Тип: Номера для сдачи в аренду
Категория: 2 ключа
Период Работы: 01/05 - 30/09
Телефон: +30 2287023092
Веб-сайт Отеля: Нажмите Сюда

Moschoula Rooms and Apartments (pron. moss-WHO-lah) is a family-run accommodation property in AdamasMilos.

It is situated in a quiet location just a few meters from the Adamas village center. Moschoula is approximately 500m. from the seaport of Adamas, 5km. from Milos airport and 300m. from Lagada beach.

All conveniences, such as banks/ATMs, bakery, pharmacy, mini-market, bus terminal, taxi stand and most restaurants and tavernas in Adamas are no more than 200-300m. away.