Casino Rodos in Rhodes

Casino Rodos in Rhodes

Casino Rodos in Rhodes

The island of Rhodes has been a popular tourist stop for centuries and gambling fans have something to enjoy as well, with the Casino Rodos offering plenty of gambling options. The Casino Rodos and the Grande Albergo delle Rose hotel complex are located in Rhodes city, which is a 15-20 minute drive from Diagoras Airport and a 5-10 minute drive from Rhodes harbor. The Grande Albergo delle Rose hotel is well-known in Rhodes and offers an elegant, relaxed hotel to stay in whether or not you choose to gamble in the casino.

The casino is located in an older historic building that includes 1,700 sq. meters of gambling space spread out over two floors (a unique gambling environment lacking in even the best online casinos). You'll find all the usual popular casino games such as slots, craps, blackjack, and roulette; like many casinos slot machines abound, with more than 300 to be found at Casino Rodos including progressive machines that pay out prizes such as cars or motorcycles.

Be forewarned that this isn't a no deposit casino that you'll be able to play at for free, as Casino Rodos does charge a 15 euro entrance fee that is good for 24 hours. A passport is required for entry and take note that the legal gambling age in Greece is 23 years of age, which is higher than that of most other European countries. Table stakes differ from game to game, with slot machines ranging from .10 euros to high limit slots that cost 10-20 euros per spin. The casino dress code is typically smart/casual, so don't expect to be allowed in if you're just wearing beach or swim wear.

Casino Rodos was originally opened in 1999 as the "Playboy Casino" but changed its name to Casino Rodos later that year. Aside from the gambling opportunities in the casino there is plenty of other fun to be had in the Grande Albergo delle Rose hotel complex, including shopping, bars, restaurants, clubs, and other nightlife.

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все включено

все включено

все включено

все включено


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5-звездочных отелей

5-звездочных отелей

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